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In addition to structural questions, when deciding whether to renovate or replace a new building, various other aspects are in the foreground: the needs of the owners, building law factors, and the question of what costs how much.

Comprehensive Analysis As A Basis:

A technical expert shows strategies for the two options: new construction or renovation. In addition to structural criteria and those that affect the building services systems, other factors must also be taken into account. These relate, for example, to your own life situation: 

Does the property have an emotional value that you don’t want to lose? Maybe you grew up in the house and can now take it over from your parents, but plan to adapt it to your own needs. Or you would like to have the previous single-family house converted into a multi-generation house.

Another aspect is the legal building situation: It is possible that in a new building, the boundary distances must be observed and the new structure comes to stand in the middle of the existing orchard.

Many homeowners are wondering whether they should renovate their aging building or whether they should opt for a replacement.

Even if you want to live in the house during the construction phase, this speaks for a renovation: If you do this in stages, this can be done without moving. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the building as well as the clarification of the needs of the owners. The legal framework, experts can make an assessment together with the client and decide what makes sense for the specific case.

Choose Remodeling

What Can And Want To Afford?

Last but not least, this also includes the question of costs: a gentle renovation is usually cheaper than a replacement new building. However, if you go further with a redevelopment, this can also become cost-intensive: It depends on the depth of the intervention – and the condition of the property. In the course of the analysis, it can be shown that the building fabric of the house is so exhausted that only the demolition and a new building remain. In addition, despite a professional analysis, certain defects in a property can only become apparent during the actual renovation, which can lead to unexpected additional costs. The question of whether the floor plan can be adapted to the new needs with reasonable effort is another reason that can speak in favor of a replacement new building. As well, if the building fabric and supporting structure of the existing house can only be renovated at very high costs. Even if you want to achieve an extremely high energy standard, this is possible with a renovation, but compared to a new building, depending on the specific situation, it is even more expensive.

Are You Dealing With Exactly These Questions?

As a construction specialist, we will advise you in full. We examine your building project, analyze your building in terms of energy consumption, and develop tailor-made solutions based on the circumstances. With the right planning and targeted implementation, you save time and money.

And did you actually already know that various conversions, renovations, and energy-efficient renovations are supported by the cantonal authorities? We will be happy to check for you whether you are entitled to funding. Get in touch with us, we look forward to providing you with professional advice.