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People change. And with it your living and usage requirements too. For example, when a new family member moves in, there is a generation change, the living environment has to become barrier-free, there are static concerns, the building services are outdated, children’s rooms are to be restructured into hobby rooms or simply the look no longer pleases after many years. There are numerous reasons why an existing property should be made fit for the future.

Fix Remodeling

When renovating or converting an existing house, we ensure the structural and technical implementation of the client’s wishes, which we carry out carefully and gently. Our employees are trained in professional renovations as well as in building existing buildings. Our competent employees carry out smaller or larger conversions on time and professionally flawlessly.

Conversion Of Existing Systems

With older systems that have proven themselves over the years, but which no longer meet modern requirements over time, the question often arises “Should I buy a new system or is it worth converting the system?”

If you are interested in a conversion, we will be happy to advise you in your decision whether it is worth converting your system or whether it is perhaps better to buy a new one. 

We have already successfully rebuilt and commissioned a number of systems and have only ever seen customers who were very satisfied with our work and were amazed at the speed and flexibility of their new old system!

We always involve the local companies or house technicians in the renovation. If, for example, an electrical conversion is to take place, then the electrician is involved on-site. This has the advantage that he or she may already know the system and later, if something is wrong, he knows where it is.

The same is then also with the mechanic or the IT specialist who may set up remote maintenance.

In the case of smaller modifications, we can also undertake the modification of the system.

After we have put the system into operation, you have the option of setting up remote maintenance for the converted system. This enables us to access your system from our office. This has the advantage that we can react quickly if something was overlooked during commissioning and saves you and us the potentially long journeys. Of course, you can set up remote maintenance so that you determine when and for how long we have access to your system.

Advantages Of A Renovation 

  • The reliability of the system increases 
  • The service life of the system increases 
  • If possible, the system can be optimized at the customer’s request – even years after the conversion

(with old or “exotic” controls, there are usually no experts left who can program them. Therefore there is usually more potential in the system than you think) 

Depending on the age and size of the control, you can save space in operation by disposing of one of several control cabinets because the control is now built into a single oneĀ 

Choose Remodeling

The price of a rebuild is only a fraction of what a new system would cost

The investment costs are recovered more quickly thanks to the lower conversion price and increased reliability

With the remote maintenance that has been set up, you always have a specialist who offers you a quick diagnosis of the cause of the fault and who can import any additions/changes from the office.