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You need more space and think about how you can easily expand the living space. Would you like to fulfill your long-cherished dream of a larger living room? Or you are looking for a simple solution to expand your living space.

For your new space requirements, we will develop the right solution according to your wishes.

We are your reliable partner for all conversions – from building a house to add another story to the roof.

Remodeling Techniques

Living space expansion through renovation:

You don’t have a large garden to expand your living space? 

There is another way. With a simple modification. You will be amazed at how much living space can be created from existing rooms. The long-cherished dream of an open kitchen with the living area will be fulfilled faster than you think. We take care of that. With a well-thought-out living space extension by A. Gantenbein Holzbau AG. From Grabs, we not only operate in Buchs and Liechtenstein but also in the Rhine Valley and throughout Eastern Switzerland. And if you want, we can also come up with something for the unused storage room in your basement.

House  Cultivation:

Prefabricated wooden elements, which we cut and put together precisely for the element construction, are suitable for an efficient house extension. The construction on site is carried out smoothly and is perfectly thought out by us. If you wish, we can take over the building application for you, as well as the coordination of all craftsmen.

Whether individual wooden parts, walls, skylights, or carpentry work: You will be amazed how quickly your dream home will come true.

8 advantages of building a house with wooden elements:

1.Wood is an environmentally friendly and regional raw material:

Wood is native to us and grows back. It stores CO2, has excellent thermal insulation properties, and wood products use less energy to manufacture than other building materials. This reduces CO2 emissions three times.

2. We Take Over The Entire House Extension For You:

We make it easy for you and act as a general plan for your renovation. From the first conversation to the handover of the keys, we are your only point of contact, we organize all the craftsmen involved and take over full cost control.

3. Timber Element Construction Goes Quickly:

The components are prefabricated in wood system construction. This makes quality control easier, makes you independent of the weather, and ensures short assembly times.

4. Wood creates a comfortable room climate:

Wood creates a good room climate with ideal humidity and ensures comfort and coziness in living spaces.

5. No Surprise With The Statics With A Wooden Conversion:

Wood is a light building material. This plays a major role in the statistics of a house extension, especially an extension, and also enables larger extensions.

6. 4 Generations Of Timber Construction – We Love  Make Our Craft:

Gantenbein Holzbau AG is a 4th generation family business. We have been meeting customer requirements for over 90 years. Benefit from our extensive knowledge of timber construction.

7. A Large Amount Of Usable Space Gained Through Wooden Element Construction:

A house extension made of wood is usually thinner than a solid construction, as there is no need for additional insulation. Up to 15% more living space can be created by using wood.

8. We Realize Individual Housing Wishes:

We will find the right solution with you to create your new living space. Use our competence to fulfill your individual living space!